Tag You’re It!

Baby you're thebest - now there's a song for you!
Baby you’re the best – now there’s a song for you!

Question: is your email constipated yet?  We’re only on day three!

I am finding another way to follow: Twitter, facebook, pinterest; because quite frankly, I have received more emails than I ever dreamed!!

That said: here are my new titles and tags of interest:

Facebook: dray0308, 2classysisters, ErrantRita (because she’ll travel for me) and the pARTy planning on facebook

WordPress: Charmedchristy amd sabomabremmam on wordpress (There’s more but I’m keeping this short!).

@neilmekh.While this is probably user error, I could not find anywhere to comment or follow you. You seem like an amazing guy with a big heart and I appreciate your journey.

As to tags, this I am still wrapping my brain around on wordpress:  #blogging101 #gifts #wine #ecommerce #photography and #honesty. Not clear how to search them on others.

You’re invited to follow me on other sites (and not fill your email inbox): Twitter @trudistreasures, Facebook and  Instagram.  If you read my last post and how I love Redemption, you’ll see a link to my current dream. @dray0308 😀


11 thoughts on “Tag You’re It!

  1. You can follow on wordpress without following on email (if the blog doesn’t have a specific button for it you can use the +follow showing on the black bar at the top of the page). I had the same problem at first but now my inbox is just for notifications about new followers and comments. Hope this helps 🙂

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    1. Thanks! Yup, notifications and emails were a bit much for daily posts! It was too much at first. Thanks for your input. Great blog: layout, colors and theme! Easy to navigate, which is important for those of us who need talk therapy! Lol

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