Made My Day ! (off topic surprise)

The last time I did this...
Made My Day! It’s only taken me a over a year…:D

Just had to share – the last time I hit a hundred anything was in January 2008 when I celebrated 100 days smokefree and that was a lot of work!

Thanks wordpress team and bloggers for your votes and this wonderful opportunity. Funny some things happen when you’re not really looking…spouses for instance, but that’s another story.

Raise your glass and toast “to all of us” with me!


Tag You’re It!

Baby you're thebest - now there's a song for you!
Baby you’re the best – now there’s a song for you!

Question: is your email constipated yet?  We’re only on day three!

I am finding another way to follow: Twitter, facebook, pinterest; because quite frankly, I have received more emails than I ever dreamed!!

That said: here are my new titles and tags of interest:

Facebook: dray0308, 2classysisters, ErrantRita (because she’ll travel for me) and the pARTy planning on facebook

WordPress: Charmedchristy amd sabomabremmam on wordpress (There’s more but I’m keeping this short!).

@neilmekh.While this is probably user error, I could not find anywhere to comment or follow you. You seem like an amazing guy with a big heart and I appreciate your journey.

As to tags, this I am still wrapping my brain around on wordpress:  #blogging101 #gifts #wine #ecommerce #photography and #honesty. Not clear how to search them on others.

You’re invited to follow me on other sites (and not fill your email inbox): Twitter @trudistreasures, Facebook and  Instagram.  If you read my last post and how I love Redemption, you’ll see a link to my current dream. @dray0308 😀


March Madness

Are you mad yet?

Top O’the day to you fine readers!

Many have their own attachment to this now trademarked event. My attachment is NOT basketball. Mine is: Spring Cleaning. This week’s project was my email inbox.

So thrilled was I at the end of the day when I believed all those luscious favorite entrepreneurs would now appear on my pinterest account and not in my inbox! YES!! Wooo hooo!!!!


Now I get email notices of  pins and tweets!Huh?

+ + + + +

Faithful followers and those I follow, thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge and information in the virtual stream of commerce! Thank you, thank you! I’m still wrapping my brain around all this.

Oh and by the way, when I last checked, there are fifty of you “following” me!

Why thank you so much, really!  {curtsey, side-nod, BLUSH …exit…blowing kisses from behind the curtain! xox).

’til next time!

P.S. I am sure there is a setting to stop those notices also…going to find them.

More than one of me?


You hear about “googling” yourself. I had done this not long after joining wordpress and obtaining this .com url.

All along my friends would love what I created and want me to “getawebsite for product.” I’m working on it and it is underconstruction for the time being. until then dear readers when you search Trudi’s Treasures, here are some gems found.

1. My first discovery was of a jeweler artist in Hawaii.  Cool mahalo.

2. A lady with splendid taste selling her high end treasures in New Jersey.

3. One who is into creation of beautiful quilts in Ohio and another one in Texas.

4. Trudie’s Treasure hutz in Tacoma, WA.

5. Trudie’s Treasures in Orange City, FL.

6. Trudie’s Treasures consignment boutique in Ho-ho-kus, NJ (also on pinterest)

7. A Trudi’s Treasures on facebook.

8. A posting of Trudi’s Treasures “deviantart” online – with pics of cats included~

9. One in SCOTLAND.

10. Treasures by Trudi (another facebook).

11. Trudi’s handmade treasures (fb).

All of the above are not me!

What is cool and endearing in the common denominator (aside from treasure) is the taste and appreciation for beauty, uniqueness and solidarity.

Thankful am i to be a part of the ‘net’ flow of treasures by trudis….as there is truly “nothing new under the sun.”

Thankful for sun.

Stay tuned for my product line.