What the Heart thinks

Thought I’d share what I just read.  Something to ponder.

“Some survivors try to think their way through grief. That doesn’t work. (whew!) Grief is a releasing process, a discovery process, a healing process. We cannot release or discover or heal by the use of our minds alone. The brain must follow the heart at a respectful distance. It is our hearts that ache when a loved one dies. It is our emotions that are most drastically affected (double whew!). Certainly the mind suffers, the mind recalls, the mind may plot and plan and wish (and wish & wish) yet it is the heart that will blaze the trail through the thicket of grief.” *

Thankful for the heart, in its broken state, loved and held close by Him.  Psalm 34:18

“A time to Grieve” by Carol Staudeacher.

The Beauty of Life

Thank you for this, I could not have foreseen, though I have imagined, the grief process of losing my dad. I appreciate your urging and reminder. ~wings~

Thoughts of a Dreamer


One thing that has been brought to my attention as of late is that one can get used to being alone. Now it will be so bemoaned by the one that there is a dramatic yearning and a whole perfect fantasy of the former state of being, but, as always, the fantasy is never the same as the real thing. it is an interesting thing to behold in all its splendor the person who constantly dreams of no longer be lonely start to break from that state they are so used to and then stumble, crumble, and fall. The thoughts that linger float by as, this is not at all what i had expected, and well, it never is.

Things we people go through are so much harder and so much more intricately different than imagined. Of course, with everything in life, there is that one small moment where…

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I am fortunate to have had a dad that through his ups and downs, he chose to stake his hope in the true vine, Jesus Christ as his life line. I took this picture at my nephew’s wedding last year. My niece took it upon herself to add the angel bit. While I think scriptures says we’re a little lower than angels, I like the entertaining thought that he now has wings. Love you dad. Miss you much.


10246479_1106132872733064_6896965220988190399_nHe was closer than a Brother, and I have some great Brothers, believe you me. I am dedicating this post in an effort demonstrate the desire and motivation to seek God’s will for ones life, first. Forrest knew that the Father was in hot pursuit, early on in his life, and turned his life over to Jesus Christ for his Salvation and Lordship, and lived that way, into his 91st year.

I will admit I am grieving along with his family and friends. Two R’s as I have been known to call my Brother in Christ Forrest, rather frequently, has left a void in many lives, after his departure to Glory Land, including mine.

As I sit in my easy chair pondering how Two R’s has impacted my journey over the last, almost 10 years, I begin to visualize Two R’s appearance,  the Love shared when he spoke with the…

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Prayer for Patty –



When your soul screams loudly

through the night


all seems dark

your pain needs light.

I trust the one

assigned your care

will hear your cry

not just walk by

~won’t say simply “Come again”


“It’s just him” and not go in.


Rather touch your brow

with some concern

review your chart

your need to learn ~~

This kind of care

the human touch

right from the heart

means oh so much!

A loved ones call

at Christmastime

couldn’t get through

to know he’s fine ~

Like a baby’s sigh

of deep relief

that soothes the soul ~

no matter if

you’re young or old.

Ignoring ’cause

they’re “older folk”

just might have been

what caused the stroke ~

Again, I pray

when comes your time

that you’re not treated

like you did mine.

~~RIP daddy. Miss you much.

>Cheers to 91+ years<


Coming up for air…

Picture courtesy of Kerry Pimblott

Thank you to Chape Personal Trainer for the kick-in-the-pants to post as it’s been quite awhile. I am responding in the moment.

1. What matters most to you? Cancer no longer being a household word and a good night’s sleep.

2. How much do you enjoy what you do for a living?  100%

3. What would be the hardest thing (physical) for you to give up? My loved ones.

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