Verse of the Day – Psalm 37:39-40 — The Bottom of a Bottle

Sometimes I find I just have to take refuge in the Lord when things are hard and just praise Him for being there with me through it all. PRAISE YOU IN THE STORM by CASTING CROWNS I was sure by now God You would have reached down And wiped our tears away Stepped in and […]

via Verse of the Day – Psalm 37:39-40 — The Bottom of a Bottle

[Haiku] @ 3am

It’s amazing we get by
On few hour’s sleep
Care take for my man
Who shakes counting sheep

The choices we make
To have and to hold
One cannot possibly guess
How love can unfold

The burdens we bear
Making it well worth the cost
Projects together
Our time is not lost

His heart beats with mine
The times that we share
Does not cost a dime
And priceless compare

His skin may seem thick
And few are his words
He gets to the point
No mistake he’s been heard

How blessed am I
To have won his affection
Our tender moments
They sure beat the rejection

‘Tis now three thirty
The nights curtains blackening
The shaking has simmered to
Slow slumber sighing

To love is a choice
Where we often win
To think that he was fearful
I wouldn’t like cats.

No rhyme? such a sin!  End with a grin and a wink and it’s back to sleep I go….snow moon

…back to sleep I go. #snowmoonandsea #winkwink