Ten Things I’ve Learned

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Honesty Matters

  1. Question everything, especially yourself.
  2. Big changes come from lots of people doing little things.
  3. Running away doesn’t work because you can’t escape yourself.
  4. The actuality is frequently less painful than the imagining.
  5. Check yourself for prejudice and chose not to act on it.
  6. Measure twice, cut once.
  7. What unfolds may be better than what you planned.
  8. Starting with ourselves we can change the world one human at a time.
  9. We are human. We are the same. We are equal
  10. Honesty Matters

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Tag You’re It!

Baby you're thebest - now there's a song for you!
Baby you’re the best – now there’s a song for you!

Question: is your email constipated yet?  We’re only on day three!

I am finding another way to follow: Twitter, facebook, pinterest; because quite frankly, I have received more emails than I ever dreamed!!

That said: here are my new titles and tags of interest:

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WordPress: Charmedchristy amd sabomabremmam on wordpress (There’s more but I’m keeping this short!).

@neilmekh.While this is probably user error, I could not find anywhere to comment or follow you. You seem like an amazing guy with a big heart and I appreciate your journey.

As to tags, this I am still wrapping my brain around on wordpress:  #blogging101 #gifts #wine #ecommerce #photography and #honesty. Not clear how to search them on others.

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