“Because if you don’t…they will”

Praise, Luke 19:40
Luke 19:40

Upon arrival to an appointment with a doctor or technician, I find myself headed straight to the hospital’s gift/book store for one of these stones. Each have a different word that brings value to me for the day: a bit of hope, a part of peace, and now a new tradition. While in the lobby or waiting anywhere, I hold the rock firm in my hands, turn it over, read it, take pictures of it, run my fingers over the letters, close my eyes, often remember what He said about rocks praising him, the King of Kings.

I even place the stone in my back pant pocket and I am reminded throughout the day. Reminds me of ancient altars discussed in scripture from the days of old, usually created as a memorial to the place where God meets his people. He still does.

This one was gathered on the day of the initial meeting with the surgeon.

Catch it if You Can | Picasso Sculpture Exhibit NYC

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Picasso Still Life 1914 Picasso Still Life 1914

On view at The Museum of Modern Art until February 7, 2016, Picasso Sculpture is the first major exhibit of the artist’s three-dimensional work since MoMA’s 1967 survey The Sculpture of Picasso. The show’s 100 works encompass the different periods in which Picasso created sculptures. The entire fourth floor is devoted to this show and merits at least a half-day to fully appreciate the breadth and depth of his oeuvre (but if you only have an hour or two, don’t miss it).

Good to know: Members can enter the exhibit at 9:30 a.m., an hour before general admission and avoid the crowds.

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Freaky cellar

What is it about cellars? Great pictures!

Life: An unpredictable journey

tmp_17563-10556230_802188726494740_3437716481801941043_n996095893 Yesterday at work I had a slightly weird experience. As some of you may well know, I clean for a living; well more to save money so I can fulfil my dream of travelling the world 🙂 Anyway. Because it’s the summer break for most university students, we tend to get lots of contracts to clean student accommodation. And this particular house we had to clean was filthy!

Lucky for me, I had the morning off so wasn’t stuck with the task of having to clear out the rubbish. I am told that there were maggots everywhere in the kitchen. Rotten meat. Mouldy walls and everything else disgusting you would associate with students whom obviously like their shelter to resemble a trash can. I was, however left with the task of cleaning the cellar.

Now this wasn’t a cellar that had been gutted and redecorated. It was more the type…

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