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Jacquelineobyikocha. Something about you, your colorful expression of life! I couldn’t wait to reblog one of my first reads by you! Blessings always, Tru aka ~wings

a cooking pot and twisted tales


We thank you Lord for days and times such as these ones;

For your constant shield through life’s challenges.

You raise us, from deep places of despair, doubt and regret;

To higher grounds of Faith, Grace and Hope.

From places of discontentment;

To the overflow of fulfillment.

May our tedious tests become uplifting testimonies.

May the meditation of our hearts and mouths;

Be acceptable before you Lord.

May your blessings that come from the Deep and the Four winds;

Be ours today and always.


Prayer 2

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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@mikesteeden Thanks for your wit and wonder in writing. Always a pleasure. Thanks for being part of my first 100 follows! >ToLife<


man ray

How liquid the truth of recollection

when the inward eye is at play, its

chicanery fanning the fumes of fancy

transmuting the echoes of hoarded depictions

A sudden impulse to speak devoured her

“Don’t wait until I’m dead to send me flowers”

Not that ‘deaf ears’ was paying her any attention

more concerned with adjusting his indecent necktie

regardless her snow flake plea evaporated in an instant

Times previous when she first happened upon him

destitute under a mad dog North African sun

arrested his access to the shaft of imperious white light

substituted certainty where there had been mirage

reawakened bona fide red hot dunes, replacing the

faltering death’s door devilry of a silver sand island

a burnished sea, bare breasts and ice cold beers

Back then his thirst for life’s quests an insatiable compulsion

“You’re safe now. When death has no shadow the vultures stay home.

Lucky I…

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3 Marvelous Events on DBDO!!

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Dream Big, Dream Often

IMG_7064Today we have 3 events going on simultaneously:

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