‘Let them eat chocolate cake!’

Have enjoyed watching the batter rise on this site! Lovely! and the chequered past with chocolate mMMMmmm.!!!

Everybody Deserves Cake

I have a chequered past with chocolate cake! My very first attempt at the brown moorish stuff ended up a bit of gooey buttery mess, the second was OK, but quite flat – not ideal! So, after  break I gathered my sanity and gave it another go – finally success! I found this am602851_276832575773512_340373372_nazing pastry chef online called, ‘keiko cakes’ http://keikos-cake.com/ and she really was my saviour 🙂 Though her tutorials I’ve learned so much over the years, and gained some insight into how technique can mean the difference between light moist loveliness and a dense, dry sad face 😦 This was the start of my wedding cake adventures, and my 1st ever order was for a stacked black and white double chocolate truffle cake! something that would have given me the fear before but all turned out lovely and my chocolate cake phobia was cured!63767_276832559106847_703846282_n58679_276832532440183_578599304_n

So, I’ve used…

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