Grady P. Brown was among the first three to follow me in 2014. I admired his actually posting his face online !! (still shy) Then I discovered he’s practically a neighbor doing book signings. Introducing Grady P. Brown.

Grady P Brown - Author

In the third volume of my series, the Young Guardians have encounters with several enemies from their early superhero careers. These individuals were recruited by Vogan (the main villain) to serve as weapons against the Young Guardians. Among these miscreants is the first major criminal the Young Guardians ever defeated: Alexander Andrews. Before the Young Guardians’ careers took off, Alexander was a notorious serial killer and complete and utter psychopath. Although he is one hundred percent human, Alexander has capabilities that would consider him inhuman. For instance, he is freakishly strong, able to overpower and kill virtually any individual with his bare hands. He also suffers from a neurological disease that renders him completely immune to physical pain, allowing him to take serious damage while still able-bodied enough to fight. Psychologically, Alexander’s mind is so twisted and warped that reading his thoughts is impossible, which makes him completely unpredictable. With…

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If Trudi draws the latrine, what does the latrine draw?

FLIES!  hahahahahah!

(First draft of new about page)

Telling the time:

Trudi’s Treasures: a combination of responses, thoughts, ramblings, conclusions and maybe an eCommerce site with my homemade goodies. In celebration of 100+ followers, I set up a brand new Facebook page to showcase their work.

Building the clock:

I was barely five and embarrassed. The joke made was about my chalk drawing of a what appeared to me to be a log cabin in the woods – Hammel woods in Shorewood : Daisies of GSA evening camp with a bunch of unknown-to-me females who COO’d and AHH’d over the piece of art the prior evening. I was embarrassed then too.

From latch-key kid to an alleged late bloomin’ baby boomer, I still struggle with response time and quick witted self expression. It’s taken some therapy; and the gut pit burps up more quickly than it used to – depending on the topic.

Over time, I have made gifts and cards for my circle of friends and family. “You should sell these. “ Riiiiight. Maybe I will at some point, but first, I need to learn to market in this ever changing world. To do that, I need a following, go figure, introvert moi. I flunked the personality test; it says I’m an INFJ; and whilst I hate labels – at least there’s some comfort in a warm albeit itchy sweater.

My 3D world is a battle on all fronts right now, Will I share that? Oh probably in six months or so. Until then, Blogging 101 has been a refuge.

Taking the plunge.

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‘Let them eat chocolate cake!’

Have enjoyed watching the batter rise on this site! Lovely! and the chequered past with chocolate mMMMmmm.!!!

Everybody Deserves Cake

I have a chequered past with chocolate cake! My very first attempt at the brown moorish stuff ended up a bit of gooey buttery mess, the second was OK, but quite flat – not ideal! So, after  break I gathered my sanity and gave it another go – finally success! I found this am602851_276832575773512_340373372_nazing pastry chef online called, ‘keiko cakes’ and she really was my saviour 🙂 Though her tutorials I’ve learned so much over the years, and gained some insight into how technique can mean the difference between light moist loveliness and a dense, dry sad face 😦 This was the start of my wedding cake adventures, and my 1st ever order was for a stacked black and white double chocolate truffle cake! something that would have given me the fear before but all turned out lovely and my chocolate cake phobia was cured!63767_276832559106847_703846282_n58679_276832532440183_578599304_n

So, I’ve used…

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