Blog Along, Take Two

Take Two

I am wild confident sexy female winning in my life now!”

A phrase I coined years ago as a seminar participant. Although now: I am mildly carefree sexy woman living my life to the fullest. Or even a late bloomin’ baby boomer…. Interesting how that sing-song phrase stayed branded on my brain from twenty years ago, with added verse hah.

I want to catch what I missed; fine tune what I caught; and improve written communication. I will select my words wisely, grow my vocabulary, and interact with fellow bloggers. I am no wordsmith: I don’t hammer, drill, needle, or siphon.

I fail miserably at word wars: my cap gun loses to machine guns. I don’t war with them anymore.

The spoken word brings life or death. It is not as binary as text. Dimension and meaning are brought with facial expressions, response time, silence, eyes, and of course: t-o-n-e.

My desire is to move, touch and inspire my follower by sharing a thought, experience or story, with a sincere promise not to constipate your inbox.  My average posts (sans blog101 assignments) are once or twice a month.  Life is like that for me now.

Fortunately, as the binary observer, you won’t have to wait for that one word or deal with response lag time. What you skim in 20 seconds, I will have spent a total of two days, a week, or more. spitting it on paper. I admire the writing of mikesteeden and Claremary P. Sweeney, and many others: Global glossaries!

Knowing what I know now, I’d choose to play with numbers as a kid instead of color.

Meet my new crayon: Blog.



17 thoughts on “Blog Along, Take Two

  1. Trudi – I was rereading about you again and looking for my thank you comment to add to it and -it never got posted! I may be a good writer to you, but I am a terrible blogger. I just can’t seem to get it right sometimes, so Thank You for following and for the lovely compliment and please forgive my seeming callousness. It is appreciated even though this is a month late. A Month! I will cut myself off from cat videos as penance. Roxie will not be happy and will probably leave home. She may show up on your step seeking her newest kindred spirit.

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    1. Dear Claremary, Total grace here, you are most kind. I have changed my Title from trudistreasures to my old “protest” tagline while keeping the trudistreasures url. Some people don’t recognize me. Further, I changed the logo from a red rose to a bird! Am loving the evolving on flying with wordpress! haha.

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    1. Hi Fred! The pleasure was all mine! I’m learning how to find people through tags. Last session I was learning to make up tags. This is an interesting process and I’m thankful to have found your site.God bless you!

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    1. Hi there! I take your compliments to heart: 1. knowing you are a dear family member (who tells the truth); and 2. that you have years of experience working as an editor for a publisher (who tells the truth with love). Looking forward to life getting sweeter.

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  2. I’m not a wild confident woman, so that part is different, but I am with you in not being a wordsmith. I do my best, though, and I enjoy it. I’ve also started the Blogging 101 course, so we have that in common too. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Bun! While I posted this on your site, for some reason, (user error) it wouldn’t post here earlier. (sigh) That said, thanks much for my first classmate to comment. Looking forward to the next few weeks.

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