The Invitation

We took a break –
as oft when they came,
they bring delight
’tis the name of the game.

The picnic complete
we pick up our tins~
Sugar now rampant!
and running begins.

Up and down the slide;
on and off the swings.
Me on the side  e’er watchful
alert ~  my thing.

Post picnic ‘glycemic
He glances my way
uh…no one else there
What did you say?


He catches my eye
“chase me”
intent with a dare,
followed by a stare?!

Blue eyes inviting,
What?  You’re asking me??
Would I just  wish
to run with thee?

Grasping the moment,
I throw off my shoes
Much to my surprise,
there went my blues!

“And they’re off!”
Not the horses
of course it’s just us.

Parker Picnic

Blond curly hair and eyes of blue
mirror in my memory; not so long ago…

Just let him beat me

breathe ~ just ~ breathe

oh really you see?
As he would have it,
He let me beat he!

But wait!
There are birds
a bunch of them, see?
Let’s chase them
and catch them
First you, now me.

bird watching

‘Twas just one day
I’ll never forget it.
an afternoon’s sway
with a child at play.
Really there’s no end
to have fun and pretend.

9 thoughts on “The Invitation

    1. Thanks Jena, “They keep you young” is a either a myth or an over rated understatement. It felt like boot camp yet wonderfully exhilarating given the rest of my August. xo


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