Sorting Through Our Some Days

time bottle best

Sorting through our some days

Our maybe’s and our might’s

Going through what might have been

And how we fight the fight

Smell the scent of yesterday

Do you recall the year?

No matter how hard we try to stop

Can’t help but shed a tear

Could-a, Should-a, would-a, didn’t

Are hard to understand

Resent remorse reject regret

They all go hand in hand

Sorting through our some days

Was not in our plan today

I certainly didn’t set it

It’s like we had no say

Missing loved one’s birthdays and

always chasing time

Wonder was it worth it all

Those years of being “kind”?

I could have been aggressive,

having my Own way

Wonder though if any would

still be with me today?

Honoring the honesty

Dense in its delivery

Timing of transparency

Value the intimacy

tossed in shaming fears

Would that we could download

Port in heart and brain

Others wise experience

Just without this pain.

Lost a lifelong friend last week

Another event un-planned

Comfort comes in knowing

God has him in His hand.

Got another text today

The platelets are still low

Hate that I’m so far away

God, I love my bro

Sorting through our some days

These times today aren’t clear

The man I love is with me

Cherished while we’re here.

And the moral is:

When chaos hits

Do the ordinary…

a beauty splash.

6 thoughts on “Sorting Through Our Some Days

  1. Trudi… LOVE this. Don’t love the pain it was birthed out of, but I love that you were able to express it creatively and productively. xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You know, looking at it now, it seems full of regret yet some of the some days are celebrations. One was of dried roses from each time he darkened my door when dating. Thanks for the follow and support Jena.


  2. Loved this blog today! Seemed to say what
    Is so often felt, but difficult to put into
    words. Thank you for this lovely flow
    of words in poetic verse!

    Liked by 2 people

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