Moments: Ah-hah versus Uh-Oh!

I love ah-hah moments.

You know, the moments that show up after hours of cross-eyed attempts to gain a glimpse of understanding.

A recent ah-hah took place as I observed a young adult “get” the importance of an applied budget.


The uh-ohs are the ah-hahs that show up at three in the morning interrupting a good night of sleep.

For example, ah-hah:  the opportunity to share information during a LinkedIn class that would benefit two military attendees.

Uh-oh:  The class ended nine hours ago! No connect was attempted or made, I stayed in my comfort zone.

Lesson:  Keep awareness alert, risk liabilities, and trust that should such an opportunity presents itself again (and it will) to move toward!

What are your ah-hah versus uh-oh moments?





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