Sunday’s news written on Saturday.

Occasionally I visit the other side of my brain!

The left side of the brain had a ctj meeting with my oh-so-dominant right side this week.

It appears the right side got a little carried away. While Tru-dAceous ™ has a mission statement and has diligently maintained a current and detailed #ohthatannoying inventory, there are more business docs that need “rowed.”

What I am saying is there are incomplete documents (Business Plan, Budget Projection(s) and Operating Agreement, timeline, and an event THIS weekend). I am thankful for numbers: they don’t lie, are solid and reveal certain truths. I’m still learning their language. My dear husband has been in business and owned his own for years. He is patiently supportive.

Ms. Fine Arts Management just got excited. Among other things, I read Holley Gerth’s post on Hurry. Hmm. We don’t need to entertain anxious agendas.

That said, the goal date for the launch of the Tru-dAceous ™ website is delayed. Not a bad thing at all; this is part of what equally yoked is all about. (with my man AND both sides of my brain!) #sighofrelief

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, take a sneak preview peak on my facebook page for backstage updates, and if you’re new, introduce yourself with a like!

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Moments: Ah-hah versus Uh-Oh!

I love ah-hah moments.

You know, the moments that show up after hours of cross-eyed attempts to gain a glimpse of understanding.

A recent ah-hah took place as I observed a young adult “get” the importance of an applied budget.


The uh-ohs are the ah-hahs that show up at three in the morning interrupting a good night of sleep.

For example, ah-hah:  the opportunity to share information during a LinkedIn class that would benefit two military attendees.

Uh-oh:  The class ended nine hours ago! No connect was attempted or made, I stayed in my comfort zone.

Lesson:  Keep awareness alert, risk liabilities, and trust that should such an opportunity presents itself again (and it will) to move toward!

What are your ah-hah versus uh-oh moments?