My name is Trudi and I am a recovering IT person’s NIGHTMARE. To think that at one time I seriously believed that the regular use of computers, let alone internet and social media was a CHOICE! Now it’s mandatory. I qualify for this position. I have experience interfacing with “geeks.” My awareness and understanding increased over time from what started with a simple phone call to the IT Department (a one man office allegedly off-site). “What was the last thing you did?” and “What was on the screen before everything went black?”

“I don’t know.” “I don’t remember.”

The most fun from that conversation was my first experience with remote access. Whoa! Whoopie Goldberg and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash!”

Fast Forward.

I am now familiar with terms like “user error”  and I don’t say those words out loud anymore. The communication has changed over the years from the verbal over-the-phone to observation of his/her body language in person.

Clue #1:   an curtain of glaze over the whites of their eyes.

Clue #2:   a glance to the person behind me, if anyone, coupled with a  small step back by the right foot.

Clue #3:   a nod of the head and the anticipated “excuse me for a minute.”

My name is Trudi and thanks for your support. Keep coming back.

Moments: Ah-hah versus Uh-Oh!

I love ah-hah moments.

You know, the moments that show up after hours of cross-eyed attempts to gain a glimpse of understanding.

A recent ah-hah took place as I observed a young adult “get” the importance of an applied budget.


The uh-ohs are the ah-hahs that show up at three in the morning interrupting a good night of sleep.

For example, ah-hah:  the opportunity to share information during a LinkedIn class that would benefit two military attendees.

Uh-oh:  The class ended nine hours ago! No connect was attempted or made, I stayed in my comfort zone.

Lesson:  Keep awareness alert, risk liabilities, and trust that should such an opportunity presents itself again (and it will) to move toward!

What are your ah-hah versus uh-oh moments?