So my dad says he’s been smoke-free for ninety years. It’s true, and I’m thankful he’s still here.

Me? Eight (8) years since 9-21-2007 when I began a journey to freedom

from self loathing in the form of nicotine

with a community of many who went before me.

Not in Love
It was a quick way to skinny for me.
It was a quick way to skinny for me ~for awhile.

It is possible. Lots of writing in journals and examining why I did it and when.

So, ya, I still journal. a lot. just smell better doing it.

Frozen grapes are my new vice of choice. Try it!

It sucks though because there still are no

nicotine houses.  No, I am not one of those

looking down my nose at you who do; I know

that it could be me with just one puff.



AGHHH! Seriously? >>>running to my Q-Team!!!





NOPE. is the theme of Quitnet.com

Nope and Q-team gave me hope and

Chantix was an umbrella to get me across

the first 30 days crossing the puddles in the street

to get me to a different road.

(I am not paid $$ for this post)

Psalm 2 – Shalom

@reflectionswithrenee Thank you for being a follower AND a leader in so many ways. ~wings

Reflections with Renee

Why are the nations always fighting? why are our leaders so selfish? What happened to representation of the people, by the people, and for the people? There has been a severe breakdown in communication, and an even greater breakdown of love for our neighbors. Our neighbors are not just those who have the same lifestyle as us; it’s everyone we come in contact with.
When our focus is on ourselves, we lack the ability to live peaceably with others. We must put others above ourselves. This type of sacrifice is impossible without the help of the Holy Spirit guiding us in making selfless decisions. Lean on him. Allow his love to permeate through you.
I love the words at the end of Psalm 2, “Serve the Lord with fear and celebrate his rule with trembling. Kiss his son, or he will be angry and your way will lead to your…

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Now is the time (Concrete poem)

In celebration of my 100 follows, originally posted by Michelle Sherlock and reblogged here; she’s been a beacon in shining true Light on social media everywhere! At least in my limited experience, Here’s Michelle!!


Now is the time heart shaped poem by Michelle Sherlock Now is the time (Concrete poem) © Michelle Sherlock

Now is the time for you and me to be

Running forward to meet our destiny

No longer shrinking back in fear

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rudaceous rock

rudaceous rock – a sedimentary rock form of course-grained material (uhmmm..SAND). As for me, I’m glad to have a rock to stand on. 

Here’s the definition with cool images of rudaceous rock.

Yesterday, I attended my first ever “gem faire.” Awesome beauty of all the various rocks, gems and jewelry couple with pretty cool prices. Their reflection of light intensified their loveliness.

BTW: Given my last post and my personal situation, I have made a decision: trudistreasures will stay trudistreasures as a blog – for now and continue research.

There’s another amazing rock in my life, my man. He’s incredible. Each day he comes up with a creative way of problem solving. He’s taken a lot of risks in his life and has an approach to life that in 15 years of knowing him, I still learn. He’s no victim, though life has dished him a few opportunities to be one.

We’ll be celebrating 10 years of marriage in June. Yes, the “M” word. My best risk ever: saying yes! Quite a partnership: living, learning and loving (and not always liking).