So my dad says he’s been smoke-free for ninety years. It’s true, and I’m thankful he’s still here.

Me? Eight (8) years since 9-21-2007 when I began a journey to freedom

from self loathing in the form of nicotine

with a community of many who went before me.

Not in Love
It was a quick way to skinny for me.
It was a quick way to skinny for me ~for awhile.

It is possible. Lots of writing in journals and examining why I did it and when.

So, ya, I still journal. a lot. just smell better doing it.

Frozen grapes are my new vice of choice. Try it!

It sucks though because there still are no

nicotine houses.  No, I am not one of those

looking down my nose at you who do; I know

that it could be me with just one puff.



AGHHH! Seriously? >>>running to my Q-Team!!!





NOPE. is the theme of Quitnet.com

Nope and Q-team gave me hope and

Chantix was an umbrella to get me across

the first 30 days crossing the puddles in the street

to get me to a different road.

(I am not paid $$ for this post)

26 thoughts on “~I QUIT ~ I QUIT ~ I QUIT ~

  1. Many years later since I quit but sometimes I smell a cigarette and it smells soooo good. I know if I smoke even one …that I will be smoking a pack a day.

    Congratulations. It’s a really difficult thing to give up.

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  2. Glad to know about your dad! Must be a wonderful man!

    I have been free for 29 years( I am 29)

    I am glad for you and hope you will stay this way. Images are beautiful too.

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Hi Anand, Yes, I admit I am daddy’s girl; though I was unaware of that until mum pointed certain things to me.
      Thank you and congrats are in order for you as well, for never starting!
      Thanks for the follow and Blessings!


    1. Thanks Laura. I think the light went on for me when I could accept others support without feeling like it was a weakness or I had to do it alone. haha! Some dumping of shame. I used to like it. That was hard.


      1. Sometimes early AM my wife and I sit on our porch and the neighbors are on theirs having an AM cup of coffee. If the wind is blowing right and their having a smoke, it will drift in our direction. I’ll take a breath and think back to that time when that first puff of the day with that cup of Joe was sooooo good. On a very rare occasion I may have a celebratory cigar. Last one 2 years 7 mos ago on the birth of my first GREAT grandchild. Not that I’m counting. Off on a trip to New England tomorrow to see the Fall foliage so I may be a bit tardy in these last few days of 101. In and out of LAX 1967 going to Okinawa, closest I ever got to your waves. I do love the west coast of Florida though. The Rooster

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        1. Thank you for sharing this; I quit both coffee and smoking for that very reason. (gained 40) The marriage of the two combined would have been too much. I am a bit jealous of your trip; get some great photos! I love West Florida as well – the water is WARM!!! I moved here in 1990 from the heartland. While I miss family of origin, I will never miss the weather. Safe travels to you and your bride my friend.

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