So my dad says he’s been smoke-free for ninety years. It’s true, and I’m thankful he’s still here.

Me? Eight (8) years since 9-21-2007 when I began a journey to freedom

from self loathing in the form of nicotine

with a community of many who went before me.

Not in Love
It was a quick way to skinny for me.
It was a quick way to skinny for me ~for awhile.

It is possible. Lots of writing in journals and examining why I did it and when.

So, ya, I still journal. a lot. just smell better doing it.

Frozen grapes are my new vice of choice. Try it!

It sucks though because there still are no

nicotine houses.  No, I am not one of those

looking down my nose at you who do; I know

that it could be me with just one puff.



AGHHH! Seriously? >>>running to my Q-Team!!!





NOPE. is the theme of Quitnet.com

Nope and Q-team gave me hope and

Chantix was an umbrella to get me across

the first 30 days crossing the puddles in the street

to get me to a different road.

(I am not paid $$ for this post)

A Walk in the Park

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For me taking a walk in the park is more than a search for a peaceful moment, it’s a time for me to connect with myself, enjoy the moment, just looking at the scenery absorbing a moment of peace, a moment without thinking about anything.


It’s also a time for me to indulge in photography. This is a hobby I’m beginning to enjoy, it is now a part of me. I’m hoping writing will become a part of me as well. Writing and photography seems to be a perfect match. What better way to get fulfillment by taking pictures of Earth’s beauty and writing about it.

I like walking through parks because I’m always surprised by what I see especially since I’ve taken a “liking” to photography.


I was taken away by this large tree that sat on the edge of the river bank. I love trees and certain large…

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Christian Flash Weekly: “Learning to See”

@johnmarkmiller, Thanks for bringing light and art so we can see! …and for following me almost a year ago to meet my 100!

The Artistic Christian


“Learning to See”

As morning light seeped into my bedroom window, I felt its warmth upon my face. For one glorious moment, I could have sworn I saw brilliant color dancing before me. My heart leaped for joy…

Then I opened my eyes.

Like every morning before this one, I found myself overwhelmed by utter darkness. Engulfed in a lonely sense of not knowing – not seeing, I moaned.

As was my morning routine, I slammed my fist against the wall and screamed for a long, long time. “Why?” The sound was bloodcurdling, which comforted me somehow.

The neighbors really seemed to enjoy this part.

After thirty years of groping in darkness, I was operating out of mere habit. But this morning was different. This time, Someone answered.

A Voice, pure as water and tender as fine silk, spoke from the black void.

“Why, you ask? Because Henry, you’ve inspired…

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The Dogwood Legacy

Introducing the thrill-ogy by Robert Lamber Jones…! (cheers)


Please bear with me for just this one post while I indulge in some shameless self-promotion (something, incidentally, with which I am uncomfortable) by giving a  brief overview of a trilogy I have written. It is The Dogwood Legacy, and it has been available on Amazon and Kindle since late May of this year.

jacob cover

The first book of the series is Jacob Leviathan, set in the Ozark Mountains of the midwestern United States. This is my personal re-invention of a real Ozark legend involving an imaginary beast called a jimplecute (or jimplicute, as I have chosen to spell it). It is, therefore, a fabricated folktale.  Clickherefor sample chapters.  Click here to purchase on Amazon or Kindle.Nathan_Turner_Cover_for_Kindle

The second book is Nathan Turner. It is an urban legend of my own creation and takes place in the midwest.  Click herefor sample…

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