What the Heart thinks

Thought I’d share what I just read.  Something to ponder.

“Some survivors try to think their way through grief. That doesn’t work. (whew!) Grief is a releasing process, a discovery process, a healing process. We cannot release or discover or heal by the use of our minds alone. The brain must follow the heart at a respectful distance. It is our hearts that ache when a loved one dies. It is our emotions that are most drastically affected (double whew!). Certainly the mind suffers, the mind recalls, the mind may plot and plan and wish (and wish & wish) yet it is the heart that will blaze the trail through the thicket of grief.” *

Thankful for the heart, in its broken state, loved and held close by Him.  Psalm 34:18

“A time to Grieve” by Carol Staudeacher.

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