I am fortunate to have had a dad that through his ups and downs, he chose to stake his hope in the true vine, Jesus Christ as his life line. I took this picture at my nephew’s wedding last year. My niece took it upon herself to add the angel bit. While I think scriptures says we’re a little lower than angels, I like the entertaining thought that he now has wings. Love you dad. Miss you much.

Make a Decision

10246479_1106132872733064_6896965220988190399_nHe was closer than a Brother, and I have some great Brothers, believe you me. I am dedicating this post in an effort demonstrate the desire and motivation to seek God’s will for ones life, first. Forrest knew that the Father was in hot pursuit, early on in his life, and turned his life over to Jesus Christ for his Salvation and Lordship, and lived that way, into his 91st year.

I will admit I am grieving along with his family and friends. Two R’s as I have been known to call my Brother in Christ Forrest, rather frequently, has left a void in many lives, after his departure to Glory Land, including mine.

As I sit in my easy chair pondering how Two R’s has impacted my journey over the last, almost 10 years, I begin to visualize Two R’s appearance,  the Love shared when he spoke with the…

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2 thoughts on ““LIKE IN FOREST, WITH TWO R’S”

  1. Alex Blackwell is The Bridgemaker and I read his blog and share it on Facebook every Sunday. The quote below was in his blog of 12/13. http://www.thebridgemaker.com

    I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long. If we’re in each other’s dreams, we can be together all the time. – Calvin & Hobbes

    My father passed away a number of years ago. When he came up from Florida for a visit we played a game of golf. I do an awake dream every time I pass that course. I am with him at that moment. I am sorry for your loss. “RR” was a warming read.

    Semper Fi, theRooster

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    1. Elfid, I like your comment, “I think we dream so we don’t have to be apart so long.” Also, on a sleepless night, I read the 12-13 blog by the bridge maker and my heart beat with every wipe of the windshield. Having migrated to the west coast from the heartland, memories of other “splashes” surfaced. Thanks for sharing and for your kind words. Tru ~


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