The “C” word

...because it's priceless
…because it’s priceless!

My big brother and hero despite his shortcomings, including that he’s a self-claimed “A**hole,” (not my choice of words – his)*  was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma on April 6th of this year. I made this wine-wrap to salute his battle ~ my therapy in lieu of smoking.

He’s still here in the land of the living and I tell you – IMHO – that CHEMO is worse than the FLU shot in the medical field’s  take to fight fire with fire.

Timing sucks because we just discovered The Truth about Cancer, a Global Quest.  If you are considering chemo, watch this and share it with your loved ones.

My brother, my Marine.

The picture from his Marine graduation book had him listed as the sole winner of all five awards from his platoon.  Other platoons showed five separate pictures:  a different marine for each category. I wish I had a picture here to post of it. I carry it in my memory and I don’t doubt that someday, a downloadable version will be available.

My bro ~ he’s an over-comer – then and now.

Fxxxcancer? heck yeah!  FxxxCHEMO? Done.


  • I finally figured from this Last Vegas movie that some just guys do that: call themselves and others names. I still don’t understand exactly why, and now don’t really care to know.
  • Mom said it’s okay to say that fxxx word only to make a point when nothing else seems to work in getting the attention and when people don’t expect it.
  • I am thankful because this situation has brought our family closer to God and each other than ever before. This bro always kept me on my knees.

20 thoughts on “The “C” word

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your brother’s situation. I’m afraid cancer has touched my family a number of times too. There have been success stories, though. My great uncle responded well to treatment and his cancer went into full remission. My mother had to have part of her lung removed but recovered very well after that. I wish your brother the best of luck with his treatment. It sounds like he is a real fighter.

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          1. Hard to believe there isn’t something. There’s some promising research and trials but nothing on the market. Too many people with a hand in the pie. It’d likely be cost prohibitive to most people even if there was something effectively. Sucks!


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