Continuing the Trend

Not sure how @Shynelle (prounounced Chanel) found me; yet I am thankful she did. Thank you for being my 100th splash of beauty! >ToLife< !!

The Nappy Truths.

I just read a post on Tumblr, and it just emphasized a point I’ve been trying to make. (click the link to see said post)

As much as I’m for the idea that racism needs to stop; as much as I agree that #BlackLivesMatter… White AND Blackpeople need to stop stereotyping and perpetuating racism, especially against each other.

Yes, White people have wronged us in so many inhumane ways throughout the years, but if we want to prove that we’re just as human as Whites, being anti-white isn’t going to solve the problem. Coming out and openly saying “Every White contributes to it (racism). Sorry. Every single one of you” is not going to solve the problem; it only greater emphasizes the “us vs. them mentality” that many have spoken about.

For years, Whites have been trying to separate Blacks from them in any way possible. But, flipping…

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