He Brings Me Coffee


dreamy thoughts

are interrupted, his presence drawing near

repeated weight upon each step

closer now I hear

enter  our morning tradition

balancing a teetering cup with only his right hand

accompanied by ceramic chatter

and I know

I can face the morning

and the day

Such a simple action

to give in such a way

He knows just how I like it

I’ve seen him watching me

We have this handy gadget it’s small yet does the job

blend organic agave & cream

pour coffee on the top

The cream foams at the brim

topped with sugar and cinnamon


from a dead soldier salt shaker

This sequence is a$$ backwards, yet the feeling just the same.

If asked would I do it over, I’d shout  “I will” again.



10 thoughts on “He Brings Me Coffee

    1. Thank you Claremary, I can’t be on here daily as I would like and my response time is slower these days. Would that I could shoot a three point basket in heals! Awareness of the beauty around me brings satisfaction money can’t buy. Our system was down for awhile…more ways than one – not as satisfying in the least.

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  1. Such lovely words, Trudi. Your poem is just beautiful…like the love you share!! Happy 10 year celebrations!

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