I {heart} January

Ahhhh yes.

…that seasonal breath of fresh air  taken after the holidays and just before the Super Bowl, Valentines, and all the other Hallmark events that Spring breeds.

It’s a time where I relax, reflect, regroup/release, refresh, and yes, re-organize.

RELAX: These past three weeks, I have hunkered down from technology, refined sugar and all other dirty detail business.

REFLECT: December 31 was spent in quiet meditation.

REGROUP/RELEASE:  My contacts, career intent, and made a list of my own “updates.”

RE-ORGANIZE: Yes, that word implies that whatever it is, was at one point organized before, and we’re just doing it again.  That’s accurate.

I have been going  through closet and garage boxes that, to my cluttered surprise are more organized that I expected.

Therein was the breathtaking discovery of  jewelry given to me by mum…some of which belonged to her mother, and my own collection of “treasures.”

Yes, I have decided this year to take the plunge and share items that I’ve cherished over the years and still do.

Perhaps a bit of “RE-PURPOSE?” Entrez RE-FRESH!

Stay tuned.

P.S.  Good to be back.

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