Please take a moment of silence to remember loss of loved ones, their families and those of us that remain in the land of the living on this tragic day in history.

When I posted this, it was the eve of September 10, 2014 in my time zone. I woke aghast to see that it shows September 11, 2014….talking about ice cream…banging my head on the desk and holding my heart.***


One thought on “Remembrance

  1. I wouldn’t worry Trudi. It is depressing when it is wall to wall remembrance of bad news. Yes I believe we should honour the dead and their families but sometimes even when we are grieving we need the simple things of life to remind us that life goes on and there are still simple pleasures for all of us. What I remember of 9/11 besides the horrific images and loss of life is that afterwards people said things like, “Let’s use the best china and best crystal now and not save it for later”, so I do.


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