To Aspire

I just reblogged CaseyLove’s “To Aspire” without an introduction.

With only two options to click, How did I do that ????

Boo Boo, that’s how. Without futher ado,

Heeeeeres CasseyLove’s “To Aspire”

and with me….she inspired.

Thank you CaseyLove.


Here is another attempt at this week’s Daily Post Challenge, I promise I won’t do another, unless I make a list of broken promises (just kidding). Here’s my second attempt: Enjoy!

They aspire me but yet I envy them. To be able to write and awaken emotions, causing one to ponder, to cry, to laugh, to fear, or just to shake your head, if only I could have the skill with words to create poetry in motion like my favorites Maya Angelou, produce thought-provoking pieces like my poet laureate Langston Hughes, the ability to spark imagination like Stephen King, or have a whimsical style like Shel Silverstein, but I also enjoy: SylviaPlath, although at times her poems can be quiet depressing and Edna St. Vincent Millay, ee cummings,daring writing style, I dream of a voice like Nikki Giovanni,Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Ralph Waldo…

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