Facebook: “Not Allowed”

I liked the idea of having a Facebook page to not only showcase my 100 follows but to expand the brand.
Get this: I entered Protest The Chaos and received a random apparently politically correct in essence “those words aren’t allowed here.” Continue reading

Unlikely Pairings

New to me:  Ice Cream and Popcorn

There was a new parlor on the outskirts of town.

What the heck, I’m old enough to drive now. Grab my friend Sheila and we’re off.

ice cream parlor

Wow, I’d seen nothing like this parlor except in the movies.

Sitting at the parlor table with our cones, we were brought a bowl of

popcorn. I look at Sheila who tells me to “dip your cone in it, like this.”

I dipped and tasted:

It was Reese’s Pieces commercial only three times more!

Not just two smoothies, rather: smooth and bumpy; hot and cold; sweet and salty.

The marriage of munching the popcorn as it gave way to the chilling ice cream

meeting in the middle and churning to a savory blend of absolute delectable divine.

Life’s like that: Joy and Sorrow,  Ying-n- Yang


simple ice cream and popcorn

Off to the store now. Yum.

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