Ten Things I’ve Learned

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Honesty Matters

  1. Question everything, especially yourself.
  2. Big changes come from lots of people doing little things.
  3. Running away doesn’t work because you can’t escape yourself.
  4. The actuality is frequently less painful than the imagining.
  5. Check yourself for prejudice and chose not to act on it.
  6. Measure twice, cut once.
  7. What unfolds may be better than what you planned.
  8. Starting with ourselves we can change the world one human at a time.
  9. We are human. We are the same. We are equal
  10. Honesty Matters

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Nurse Bloggerpalooza! 6 Great New Posts From Aspiring Nurse Bloggers

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Psych Circus

Wow, what an exciting week for nurses! All the ado about The View and Miss Colorado has taken up lots of blogger time, so we won’t have as many contributions from the weekly Aspiring Nurse Bloggers group this week. Here’s what we have so far:

Lorie Brown offers a time she got in trouble at work in Dirty Little Secrets. I’ve had similar experiences, I’m not sure how many. Some people go into psych work because they like it, others because they see it as a place you can be lazy and bully patients. Others enter for good reasons but burn out and go down the bad path. When you call people out for not doing their job, sometimes they retaliate. One popular tactic is to offer the boss a distorted or frankly fictional complaint. I don’t encounter this problem very often. Why? I communicate clearly. I sell this…

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