Homeward Bound


really exciting to post today, yet I often think of this song by Simon and Garfunkel – especially when I am driving. My husband mentions that we need to make a stop at the grocer on the way home.

Of course dear, we should! The cats need more wet food.

Then the wide neuropath freeway in my brain takes over and I go into remote mode. Remote? Not sure if that’s the correct word or not; but whatever it is, I am a block away from the house when he says, “honey, where are you headed?”

Why, home!

Oops, doubleback to the grocer.

I believe that habits are good; just sometimes annoying.

So part of me wonders if you are humming this tune.

Added later:   Autopilot, that’s the word I wanted. Autopilot and the remote are distant cousins. 😀