I would love to meet the salesperson who…

well, actually to meet the person whose idea it was to market 58 plus shades of grey to the auto paint industry for the past five years.

Seriously, this color covers all brands of vehicles, leaving no stone unturned: the Beamers have it, the MB’s have it, Fords, Oldsmobiles, Mazdas, on and on.

There’s a market for you:  tap into that and sell away!!! The perks have got to be over the top. I’ll bet that person is on an island somewhere enjoying the paper umbrella drink and not counting the calories, but the coins: cha-ching!

cha ching

Meanwhile, for those of us who bought, we can be found in any mall parking lot, pretending not to be lost, verifying the hubcaps, squinting for license plates and light types to distinguish whose is whose, and when we think we’re close, click the unlock button on the keyring in hopes that Lassie will answer.

Ahh… relief.

Climb into car comfort.

“Oh honey, look at that! Is that car the color of wine?

A new horizon.

Zoom ZOOM zoom.