Blog Along in Summer School with Tags and Titles (2)

with splashes of beauty!
Life’s Salad Dressing

Put on my creative hat returning to my initial tag Protest the Chaos with a Splash of Beauty.

Guess it’s a free association/spinoff of the Proverb a soft answer turns away wrath applied to life situations.

Not meaning to minimize life’s trauma; but to celebrate it – life.

Lots of gems pass the test of time. Mine are in process. Still.

One of the ways I protest it is by creating. I believe in Redemption.

writing … with a keyboard



Got angle?       check

Got hook?        check

Got ah – hah?   um…had it a minute ago. it was right here… surprise!

Got setting?     my desk.


in searching to find my story,

it finds me.


when I’m working on something else.



Now what did I just do with that pen?

Ever happen to you?

* Prepared in process for class requirements for Writing 201.