Fox Pass

While some of my early on followers have gone on to greener pastures, I AM thankful for the one who prays for eyebrows. Celebrating 100 follows ~wing aka Trudi who was a rose.

Praying for Eyebrowz

I overheard this while sitting at a table in the mall food court today.

Kid: I can’t believe I made that fox pass.

Mom: Huh?

Kid: I just feel so dumb for doing that.

Mom: What did you do?

Kid: I asked my science teacher if she was pregnant and she said no. It was a fox pass.

(At this time I started giggling.)

Mom: What does a fox have to do with anything?

Kid: You know, when you make a mistake it’s called a fox pass.

Mom: (laughing) Oh honey, it’s not pronounced “fox pass,” it’s French and pronounced “fo paw.”

Kid: Oh, no wonder Mrs. Kinder looked at me funny when I apologized for my fox pass. I won’t make that fox pass again.

One thing I know, the kid is a reader. I did the same thing with “facade” for years until someone told me it was…

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