More than one of me?


You hear about “googling” yourself. I had done this not long after joining wordpress and obtaining this .com url.

All along my friends would love what I created and want me to “getawebsite for product.” I’m working on it and it is underconstruction for the time being. until then dear readers when you search Trudi’s Treasures, here are some gems found.

1. My first discovery was of a jeweler artist in Hawaii.  Cool mahalo.

2. A lady with splendid taste selling her high end treasures in New Jersey.

3. One who is into creation of beautiful quilts in Ohio and another one in Texas.

4. Trudie’s Treasure hutz in Tacoma, WA.

5. Trudie’s Treasures in Orange City, FL.

6. Trudie’s Treasures consignment boutique in Ho-ho-kus, NJ (also on pinterest)

7. A Trudi’s Treasures on facebook.

8. A posting of Trudi’s Treasures “deviantart” online – with pics of cats included~

9. One in SCOTLAND.

10. Treasures by Trudi (another facebook).

11. Trudi’s handmade treasures (fb).

All of the above are not me!

What is cool and endearing in the common denominator (aside from treasure) is the taste and appreciation for beauty, uniqueness and solidarity.

Thankful am i to be a part of the ‘net’ flow of treasures by trudis….as there is truly “nothing new under the sun.”

Thankful for sun.

Stay tuned for my product line.





My name is Trudi and I am a recovering IT person’s NIGHTMARE. To think that at one time I seriously believed that the regular use of computers, let alone internet and social media was a CHOICE! Now it’s mandatory. I qualify for this position. I have experience interfacing with “geeks.” My awareness and understanding increased over time from what started with a simple phone call to the IT Department (a one man office allegedly off-site). “What was the last thing you did?” and “What was on the screen before everything went black?”

“I don’t know.” “I don’t remember.”

The most fun from that conversation was my first experience with remote access. Whoa! Whoopie Goldberg and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash!”

Fast Forward.

I am now familiar with terms like “user error”  and I don’t say those words out loud anymore. The communication has changed over the years from the verbal over-the-phone to observation of his/her body language in person.

Clue #1:   an curtain of glaze over the whites of their eyes.

Clue #2:   a glance to the person behind me, if anyone, coupled with a  small step back by the right foot.

Clue #3:   a nod of the head and the anticipated “excuse me for a minute.”

My name is Trudi and thanks for your support. Keep coming back.


This blog is to share Trudi’s musings, observations and thoughts during her career process and life experience.  Some of the recent feedback to her has been: “Hey Tru, what’s with the treasures?”

Response:  her experience, skills, abilities, talents, gifts that she offers to either  business clients or non-business friends.  Add some ado about thoughts, heart, pearls and pigs.


A little lie came about in her youth indicating that success and fulfillment only came from “the outside.”

Then she heard a story of a prophet who invited himself to the home of a widow who had no resources left to feed her son. He asked her what she had to offer. The answer did not come from outside but from within and God honored her response. That gave Trudi hope and she began to look inside.

She discovered that throughout her life,  she has consistently applied her aesthetic awareness and use of available resources in her environment.


* designing her high school senior prom logo

* creating a flow chart for use as technical coordinator for musical dramas

* she has promoted people or helps a client’s business by designing a logo, preparing documents and giving words of encouragement

While she now uses software for some of her creations, she was asked which software she used in making a handmade card. Her response was: “Pen, paper and markers/crayons.”

From her experience in her education, retail and the legal field, Trudi found that consumer satisfaction is not software friendly. It is not frequently updated but requires face to face contact. The customer experience is one system that will not crash or be forced into obsolescence. The same is true with music. It is the language of the heart. Customer satisfaction is forgiving, there are not typos, only the touch of reality in seeing a client’s desire satisfied to the fullest extent possible.