Sunday’s news written on Saturday.

Occasionally I visit the other side of my brain!

The left side of the brain had a ctj meeting with my oh-so-dominant right side this week.

It appears the right side got a little carried away. While Tru-dAceous ™ has a mission statement and has diligently maintained a current and detailed #ohthatannoying inventory, there are more business docs that need “rowed.”

What I am saying is there are incomplete documents (Business Plan, Budget Projection(s) and Operating Agreement, timeline, and an event THIS weekend). I am thankful for numbers: they don’t lie, are solid and reveal certain truths. I’m still learning their language. My dear husband has been in business and owned his own for years. He is patiently supportive.

Ms. Fine Arts Management just got excited. Among other things, I read Holley Gerth’s post on Hurry. Hmm. We don’t need to entertain anxious agendas.

That said, the goal date for the launch of the Tru-dAceous ™ website is delayed. Not a bad thing at all; this is part of what equally yoked is all about. (with my man AND both sides of my brain!) #sighofrelief

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, take a sneak preview peak on my facebook page for backstage updates, and if you’re new, introduce yourself with a like!

tt under construction

He Brings Me Coffee


dreamy thoughts

are interrupted, his presence drawing near

repeated weight upon each step

closer now I hear

enter  our morning tradition

balancing a teetering cup with only his right hand

accompanied by ceramic chatter

and I know

I can face the morning

and the day

Such a simple action

to give in such a way

He knows just how I like it

I’ve seen him watching me

We have this handy gadget it’s small yet does the job

blend organic agave & cream

pour coffee on the top

The cream foams at the brim

topped with sugar and cinnamon


from a dead soldier salt shaker

This sequence is a$$ backwards, yet the feeling just the same.

If asked would I do it over, I’d shout  “I will” again.



March Madness

Are you mad yet?

Top O’the day to you fine readers!

Many have their own attachment to this now trademarked event. My attachment is NOT basketball. Mine is: Spring Cleaning. This week’s project was my email inbox.

So thrilled was I at the end of the day when I believed all those luscious favorite entrepreneurs would now appear on my pinterest account and not in my inbox! YES!! Wooo hooo!!!!


Now I get email notices of  pins and tweets!Huh?

+ + + + +

Faithful followers and those I follow, thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge and information in the virtual stream of commerce! Thank you, thank you! I’m still wrapping my brain around all this.

Oh and by the way, when I last checked, there are fifty of you “following” me!

Why thank you so much, really!  {curtsey, side-nod, BLUSH …exit…blowing kisses from behind the curtain! xox).

’til next time!

P.S. I am sure there is a setting to stop those notices also…going to find them.


Years ago, a boyfriend and I broke up at this time of year.

It used to depress me. Not anymore. Life has its seasons and

I am thankful and often reevaluate my seasonal situations.

Sitting and being: gratefulness resides.


This is what else surfaced.

1. Sit review: a hero in my own mind, ha.

As for this site and blogging, I have learned that just because I can throw a room together and have it breathe beauty. (Yes, breathe.) or give words of encouragement, does not mean

that I can decorate a page with words.  There are rules. I get that. Now.

So, at my pace, in my time, I will take a class starting at zero.

2. Handiwork. Until then, my 3D world is budding with some of my own new artwork.

Have you ever tried the Painting and Vino class?

There’s a zero to hero here as well.

It was a very therapeutic experience.  These oils acrylics were more forgiving than watercolor.

I thought to go back and complete this picture. Get my own paints, add a little leaves here and there,

lighten the black branch in front…and decided against it.

Enjoy your September.

Back to Cool, literally

In progress
In progress


P.S.  Dang it. I hit the pub key and some of you are getting editing updates. Mea Culpa.