March Madness

Are you mad yet?

Top O’the day to you fine readers!

Many have their own attachment to this now trademarked event. My attachment is NOT basketball. Mine is: Spring Cleaning. This week’s project was my email inbox.

So thrilled was I at the end of the day when I believed all those luscious favorite entrepreneurs would now appear on my pinterest account and not in my inbox! YES!! Wooo hooo!!!!


Now I get email notices of  pins and tweets!Huh?

+ + + + +

Faithful followers and those I follow, thank you for sharing the wealth of knowledge and information in the virtual stream of commerce! Thank you, thank you! I’m still wrapping my brain around all this.

Oh and by the way, when I last checked, there are fifty of you “following” me!

Why thank you so much, really!  {curtsey, side-nod, BLUSH …exit…blowing kisses from behind the curtain! xox).

’til next time!

P.S. I am sure there is a setting to stop those notices also…going to find them.

Shaken, not stirred

Good day dear reader,

I’ve had plenty of opportunity this week for several titles during my random thoughts and not so random activity. But first,

“Boomers and Traditionals” – granted, I’ve recently been freed from twenty years in a cubicle, and I declare,  I heard these two words used together for the first time last Thursday! I accepted an invitation to and attended the Women’s Conference “Be Bold and Thrive” held on the USC campus. A terrific full day, with women, chatter, brainstorm and ideas, inspiration and bold coffee. My take-away? Boomers & Traditionals, by golly, that’s us. My partner and I – to the “T.”

Sharing a chuckle with you … shaken, not stirred circled around in my thoughts yesterday when we together began our first attempt to “chalk paint” the baker’s rack in our patio. He, of course had gone into the house for something just after I had opened the can of black paint and began to mix it using the pointy base of a burnt out 1.5 foot solar light. (yes, you read that right, the alleged solar light  hasn’t sat upright in the sun enough to gain it’s solar vita-D battery charge; it was ugly to boot; and I had no other object with which to stir nearby).

Anyway, the paint was really thick and started as a gorgeous fuschia! (stay with me). Stir, stir. “Self, this is pretty and all, but it’s not turning black.”   stir, stir…Hmm.  shaken…”maybe I can get him to shake this as certainly there’s some benefit to”…has it really been that long since I’ve painted? “Ah, Bond. James Bond…the phrase had nothing to do with paint.”

Long story short: upon full execution, the paint was olive green, the quaint old can was black; and I judged a book by it’s color.

Don't judge a book by its color!
Don’t judge a book by its color!