Where Do We Go From Here?

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My Pain, My Life, My Struggles, My Fight

Where do we go from here?

I know we was dealt with some difficult cards in life
But we just cant stop there.
God has a bigger plan for us, I can feel it……I know its near.

What I have learned during this tough time and tribulation
That everything happens for a reason
Everyone goes through a tough time,
Just so happen this is our season
There is no devine reason.

He is our God Almighty
He will see us to the end
And only on him you shall depend on
Because he will take you through,
Stay faithful to him because hes the only one that can save you.

He will lift you up, God doesn’t ask for much, your faithfulness, and your daily praises to him, which will put you on the right track, to repentency to get rid of our sins.

Where do we go from here?

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A Walk in the Park

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For me taking a walk in the park is more than a search for a peaceful moment, it’s a time for me to connect with myself, enjoy the moment, just looking at the scenery absorbing a moment of peace, a moment without thinking about anything.


It’s also a time for me to indulge in photography. This is a hobby I’m beginning to enjoy, it is now a part of me. I’m hoping writing will become a part of me as well. Writing and photography seems to be a perfect match. What better way to get fulfillment by taking pictures of Earth’s beauty and writing about it.

I like walking through parks because I’m always surprised by what I see especially since I’ve taken a “liking” to photography.


I was taken away by this large tree that sat on the edge of the river bank. I love trees and certain large…

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Blog Along in Summer School with Tags and Titles (2)

with splashes of beauty!
Life’s Salad Dressing

Put on my creative hat returning to my initial tag Protest the Chaos with a Splash of Beauty.

Guess it’s a free association/spinoff of the Proverb a soft answer turns away wrath applied to life situations.

Not meaning to minimize life’s trauma; but to celebrate it – life.

Lots of gems pass the test of time. Mine are in process. Still.

One of the ways I protest it is by creating. I believe in Redemption.

Summer School…Blog Along

blog 101

How do you do?

My name is Tru ~

Surely I’d love to blog with you!

I’ve been here for about a year.

Want to make my words more clear.

Sometimes in life – misunderstood

due to lack of the appropriate word

I plan to share my pondering

on life and health and homemade things!

A year from now I plan to be

an improved contributor to this community!

– I am a recovering legal assistant pursuing her other interests and talents