Coming up for air…

Picture courtesy of Kerry Pimblott

Thank you to Chape Personal Trainer for the kick-in-the-pants to post as it’s been quite awhile. I am responding in the moment.

1. What matters most to you? Cancer no longer being a household word and a good night’s sleep.

2. How much do you enjoy what you do for a living?  100%

3. What would be the hardest thing (physical) for you to give up? My loved ones.

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Infinity Dreams Award II

Thank you for linking my blog to your page. I am honored. I’ve also been offline. I appreciate the challenge and I’ll do my best to get this post going, one step at a time: first to answer your questions, shooting from the hip with initial response. haha

Chape Fitness

My friend Ndumiso at Music Smells Like Noise has been nominated me for this wonderful award. My second!! Thank you, I like awards more than chocolate! If you like good music or you are looking for inspiration, you will love his blog.

Infinity Dreams Award

The Award Rules:

  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you.
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them.

11 Facts About Myself

1. I love her voice:

2. I love basketball.
3. Right handed.
4. I love walking barefoot.
5. I love gardening.
6. I enjoy reading, writing and speaking English.
7. Halasana is my fav pose. I don´t know why. Not the best pose for selfies.
8. I have never touched an Apple.
9. I like tattoos.
10. I have pets.
11. I´m pleased to meet you 🙂

Questions for me


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Tear Catcher


How many more miles…left in this Valley of Baca?  No horizon in sight, blurry eyes. Manufactured tears? I think not. They flow like no tomorrow.


Oh turn back oh time, turn back! Linger a little longer and taste the memory of care!!

The salt cleanses and purifies; yet sorrow knocks gently echoing the pounding of my heart.

Comfort approaches awakens awareness of His presence, not wiping away, but rather catching and containing each of the preciousness drops as liquid gold plops into that crystal vase of mine only mine, handmade by the lifter of my head and the healer of my heart, my creator who knew of today, and prepared to meet me here, there, wherever where.

Tears welcome here.

It’s okay to cry here.

Still here.



Tiptoe tears. Tiptoe.

Hold me.


As promised.


Look …there are pools!