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Jacquelineobyikocha. Something about you, your colorful expression of life! I couldn’t wait to reblog one of my first reads by you! Blessings always, Tru aka ~wings

a cooking pot and twisted tales


We thank you Lord for days and times such as these ones;

For your constant shield through life’s challenges.

You raise us, from deep places of despair, doubt and regret;

To higher grounds of Faith, Grace and Hope.

From places of discontentment;

To the overflow of fulfillment.

May our tedious tests become uplifting testimonies.

May the meditation of our hearts and mouths;

Be acceptable before you Lord.

May your blessings that come from the Deep and the Four winds;

Be ours today and always.


Prayer 2

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Freaky cellar

What is it about cellars? Great pictures!

Life: An unpredictable journey

tmp_17563-10556230_802188726494740_3437716481801941043_n996095893 Yesterday at work I had a slightly weird experience. As some of you may well know, I clean for a living; well more to save money so I can fulfil my dream of travelling the world 🙂 Anyway. Because it’s the summer break for most university students, we tend to get lots of contracts to clean student accommodation. And this particular house we had to clean was filthy!

Lucky for me, I had the morning off so wasn’t stuck with the task of having to clear out the rubbish. I am told that there were maggots everywhere in the kitchen. Rotten meat. Mouldy walls and everything else disgusting you would associate with students whom obviously like their shelter to resemble a trash can. I was, however left with the task of cleaning the cellar.

Now this wasn’t a cellar that had been gutted and redecorated. It was more the type…

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How do you keep your home clean and tidy when you’re in awful pain every single day? 

Okay to go my pace! Thanks.

My Big Fat Rheumatoid Life

….by doing a bit at a time. That’s how.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your home isn’t going to be clean and visitor-ready in a day either.  If you’re anything like me, that is.

Things take longer to achieve when you’re in pain and/or can’t move bits of your body the way you would like, so if it takes 30 minutes to wash up and put away your dishes, so be it.  If you have to take a coffee break half way through, so be it.  But at least your dishes got done.

– Jude x

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