[Haiku] @ 3am

It’s amazing we get by
On few hour’s sleep
Care take for my man
Who shakes counting sheep

The choices we make
To have and to hold
One cannot possibly guess
How love can unfold

The burdens we bear
Making it well worth the cost
Projects together
Our time is not lost

His heart beats with mine
The times that we share
Does not cost a dime
And priceless compare

His skin may seem thick
And few are his words
He gets to the point
No mistake he’s been heard

How blessed am I
To have won his affection
Our tender moments
They sure beat the rejection

‘Tis now three thirty
The nights curtains blackening
The shaking has simmered to
Slow slumber sighing

To love is a choice
Where we often win
To think that he was fearful
I wouldn’t like cats.

No rhyme? such a sin!  End with a grin and a wink and it’s back to sleep I go….snow moon

…back to sleep I go. #snowmoonandsea #winkwink


Our words reveal what’s in our hearts. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. He who guards his mouth preserves life. Words give Grace to those who hear. The tongue of the wise brings healing. Joyce Meyer gives the best full discussion of actions and consequences of our spoken words.

What power am I exercising today?

wordsProverbs 12:18 James 3:5 Psalm 141 Proverbs 18:21 etc etc not called The Book of Life for nothing! Rash and harmful words bring harm to the one spoken to…. Some of the worst persecution I have received has been from other believers.

And.. who have I hurt with my words? Hurt people hurt people. Prayers for strength in awareness in my words and voice tone: to be uplifting, positive, truthful in love. #fast #guilty #forgiven

With the upcoming New Year and my awareness of the word storms around me (and within me) I am narrowing my focus and paying more attention to the unspoken and spoken.

* This morning in my meditation I read that everyone will give an account and the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken.

Fortunately we have phases, opportunities and choices to make amends for words spoken from our own pain – for some it may not necessarily be careless but very much intentional… following that verse I also read that it is also by our words- we will be acquitted and ….”

#hope #fast #gentle #sure#whew #meandmybigmouth #spititout #shutupalready #wordawareness #constantcommentisabrandoftea #notfunny #sarcasmisalwaysattheexpenseofsomeone #vomit



It is good.

Hello yeah. It’s been awhile.

Stopping by to wave to my wordpress buddies and share real quick update. 😀

My Life parallels to this recent creation:

These corks:

  • were initially part of a different plan #2015 #sharethebottlenottheglass
  • existed in a somewhat dark place for a seemingly long time
  • boiled in hot water and their boundaries have expanded to bring roughness yet, beauty
  • connected to others
  • stick together with those having similar goals  😀
  • Hanging out
  • provide a frame for some green beauty
  • repurposed
  • redeemed
  • valued
  • priceless #notforsale
  • I can see why He’d rest and say It Is good


Soul Lover


Author unknown – my title while grieving  – someone else’s words

When we lose someone we love

The loss too great too bear

God sends us folks to comfort us

who show He deeply cares


In darkest hours of the night

No one else around

At our sad loneliest place ~

it’s there, God’s love is found


Like a soothing healing balm

To aid are busted hearts

Warm oil pours o’er our soul

touching every part


Rest secure in His love

Know He’s by our side

Holds us even though He knows

a part of us has died


Oh yes of course He hears us

When we first just want to talk

But when we shed those ugly tears

He listens; doesn’t  balk


He is always very near

Arms open ready wide

As we pour out our hurt within

He pours His love inside


Our Father loves us oh so much

Never leaves us alone

He won’t forsake us in our need

to face this on our own


He comforts us and strengthens us

massages with his balm

As the dawn breaks through the night

we’re wrapped in loving calm


#okaytostillbesad  #gratefulforhisfriendship  #groundhogday

#hope4discourage #peace #doesntgoaway #rollcall