Psalm from the heart

To the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”

You are My Shepherd, What more could I want? shepherd

You make me lie down,

In paths of green!

It’s by still waters

That you lead me.

You’re the restorer of my soul.

Good to be back….and most often recently, on his back, He simply carries us sometimes. #grateful2beback #redemption #restore #renew

When you close this you’ll still have that tune in your head. Doubledogdareya #sing #parkinsons #prostate #nameit 😀





4 thoughts on “Psalm from the heart

    1. I do sing this… and the other two verses, (not included in the post) slowly on the second, then raise a key on the third. I, of course, don’t know exactly the key I’m in to begin with, Just very grateful for His Peace. Merry Christmas.

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