Expressing myself – creatively

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself!.”

Clean desk is sign of a....
Clean desk is sign of a….

In a recent interview the question was asked if I loved filing.
(uhm, yes, right up there with changing diapers!)
“I’ve years of experience managing 100 clients’ files, so basically it’s a discipline.”

Is your desk messy or neat?  “Messy.”
The interviewer’s eyes faded, I was actually almost proud to say that since I’ve been around enough to know the truth will surface at some point. I hoped he’d been around enough to know it’s part of the creative process;  I don’t have yesterday’s lunch fast food wraps crunched in the corner.

I’m something of a perfectionist, so how is it that I would have a messy desk? I don’t know. I do know that I have a low tolerance for minutia; it doesn’t mean that I hate it so much as keep a clean desk, which is a sign of something else.

Socrates “Know thyself” – In a nutshell, my personality is plugged as an INFJ (also known as the Advocate, which raises my eyebrows to the oxymoron as I worked in the legal field as a litigation support specialist most of my adult life.) 

Thankful to Herbert Lui’s article on creativity,  I have essentially freed myself to put past into the past, keep me in the present, and move forward from here.

To be anything but is a slow suicide.

i love filing - not
…heaven to some.

A “daily prompt” for a weekly post. 😀

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