Where’s the Umbrella?

Location: MCAS Miramar air show, San Diego.

Our new friend, young and kind, offered to go back to the check point and the umbrella was still there! I forgot to pick it up after all the picnic items were scanned by a marine (not TSA – yes!)  @sonofabeach96 – I thought about you while we were there.

Turns out that the song, It Never Rains in California rang true along with the Top Gun phrase: I feel the need…(my favorite link on this post).

Long story short, this weekend summary of events did not include hours in front of the computer, rather:  mini-golf, music and Miramar, and the beat goes on.


What else does one do after an initial consult with a doomsday doc? Be spontaneous for one:  this weekend’s events were good medicine for our soul.

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